We look to the future, with the wisdom of our past.

In 1879, Halsey brothers William Leroy and Charles Henry founded W.L. & C.H. Halsey Company, a retail and wholesale grocery delivery business.

They built their dream with integrity, a firm handshake, and a clear commitment to quality and service.

Over the years, the company grew with the times — sophisticated computer systems, modern warehousing, fresh produce and meat processing facilities...

But some things never change. Our business is still based on integrity, a firm handshake and a clear commitment to quality and service. Today we are Halsey Foodservice. We look to the future, but we will not forget our past.

A Brief Timeline of Halsey History

1879 — Brothers William Leroy Halsey and Charles Henry Halsey established C.H. & W.L. Halsey as a retail grocery store

1904 — Moved to our current Cash & Carry location at 301 Jefferson Street

1955 — William Lanier Halsey Jr. took over as President and Treasurer of W.L. Halsey Grocery Co., Inc.

1960 — Will Halsey and four other independent foodservice distributors inked the agreement to form C.O.D.E (Continental Organization of Distributor Enterprises)

1972 — Outgrew our Huntsville location and moved to a larger one in Madison

1981 — Expanded our facility by doubling our freezer capacity

1982 — Expanded again by adding onto our dry storage area

1991 — Cecilia Halsey becomes President / CEO

2000 — Halsey Foodservice purchases both a produce house and fresh meat house, integrating into the main building in Madison

2001 — Opened our Fresh Meat and Fresh Produce Divisions

2005 — The company changes its name from W.L.Halsey Grocery Company to Halsey Foodservice.

2007 — An additional 30,000 square feet freezer is added to the main facility.